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What is Server-Side Request Forgery?

What is Server-Side Request Forgery? A Server-Side Request Forgery attack or SSRF is an attack where a malicious user could abuse the functionality on a server to read or update internal resources. It is in the same class of vulnerabilities as an RFI (Remote File Inclusion) or LFI (Local File Inclusion). Meaning its’ exploit is

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There has been a whopping increase in supply chain attacks aimed at upstream open-source libraries and software components. Interestingly, despite the risk, the trend in the industry shows a strong growth in the supply and demand of open-source software. The most recent exploit on the Java logging library (log4j) has shaken the IT industry due

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Why to Choose Application Penetration Testing as a Career?

Written By: Moe Askari The Web Application Penetration Testing Course is a self-paced training program that teaches you all the advanced skills you’ll need to conduct a complete and professional penetration test on latest web applications technologies. Marc Andreessen, Silicon Valley investor, postulated in 2011 that software is eating the world. His thesis could not

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Security in DevOps

Security in DevOps could not have been more important than these days where attacks like SolarWinds are happening that have a direct impact on the software supply chain. The recent hack on SolarWinds directly impacted over 18 thousand of their customers including major platform providers. A huge indirect impact has been observed in organizations that

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