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Web Application Penetration Testing Course in USA
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Written By: Moe Askari

The Web Application Penetration Testing Course is a self-paced training program that teaches you all the advanced skills you’ll need to conduct a complete and professional penetration test on latest web applications technologies.

Marc Andreessen, Silicon Valley investor, postulated in 2011 that software is eating the world. His thesis could not be truer in today’s world. The need for companies to become more agile, respond to market opportunities, automate, utilize big data, connect to cloud and mobile services, just to name a few examples, has created an insatiable demand for new software. This dependency on software, while benefiting the business community, has also attracted the hackers, looking to infiltrate intellectual property, obtain personal data, impact reputation, and/or disrupt service. Furthermore, the proliferation of mobile devices, and a desire to access information anytime from any device gives an attacker / hacker easier access to the company software. This software driven world demands a vigilant, efficient, effective, thorough, and realistic cyber security paradigm to establish a credible deterrence against the looming threat of Hacking.

Cyber Security Professionals

with Job oriented Courses in
Cyber Security
Web Application PenTesting

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While a basic application security scanner may discover some of the flaws in a system, it would be very naïve to assume that the system is completely secure with a scanner in the face of ever- evolving and changing methods of attacks. At a time when customers increasingly expect applications to provide significant functionality and data access, and adversaries on the other hand, focus on exploiting any and every vulnerabilities within customer-facing as well as internal applications, it is paramount for cyber security professionals, ethical hackers and would-be experts to establish their career on the solid understanding of: 

  • virtual environment of web applications; 
  • hackers methodology; 
  • risk assessment and mitigation; 
  • nature and effects of cyber attacks; 
  • countermeasures in the post attack scenario to contain and control the damage; 
  • and last but not least, equip themselves with strong reporting skills to convey highly technical information in a non-technical, easy-to-understand style.

Why Choose School of Information Security Web Application Penetration Testing Course

Job oriented Courses in
Cyber Security
Web Application PenTesting

Apply Now: https://schoolofinfosec.com
#cybersecurity #pentesting #Infotech #infotechsecurity #online #onlinelearning #BeDigitalize #WebApplication #hacking #IT

In this backdrop, the School of Information Security has designed the Web Application Penetration Testing Course. Through a strong blend of theory of practice, this course will help students develop a keen understanding of web applications, manual and automated methods of detection and exploitation of their vulnerabilities, and effective use of industry standard tools for penetration testing.

The course will help students develop the essential skills for testing the authentication flaws, authorization bypass, targeted attacks and vulnerabilities, cross site scripting, SQL injection vulnerabilities, CSRF attacks, the entire configuration of the web application, API testing, the whole range of security vulnerabilities and measures and methods to fortify the systems against them. The School of Information Security courses are live and online and are designed to help the student job ready in the cyber security field

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